Need Help Losing Weight?

Are you one of the many busy young professionals who have packed on 50+ pounds of extra weight do to the everyday conveniences that we encounter?

I have been in that position myself and have managed to shed over 80 pounds of unneeded weight in a matter of months.

Like many people, after a long day of work, I didn’t feel like going home to cook. I found it much easier to go to the drive-thru or order a pizza for dinner. After years of poor habits, I gained quite a bit of weight and developed hypertension and high cholesterol and began taking prescribed medications.

I am now in the best shape that I have been in since high school and no longer take any medications for hypertension and high blood pressure. Over the past few years I have helped guide many people on weight loss journeys of their own by manipulation of their diets.

If you are struggling to lose weight on your own would like to get some guidance along the way, please fill out the quick questionnaire below so we can schedule some time to talk. Based on our discussion, I will provide you with some recommendations and see if there we can offer a plan that will work for you.

I look forward to talking to you soon.