About Me

I played individual and team sports from childhood through high school and still partake occasionally to this day.  The main sports that I played include wrestling, football and baseball. Some of these sports that I played were on organized teams, while others were not.

Once in high school, I wrestled and played football.  My senior year, I wrestled at 160 lbs. I maintained a weight lifting and cardio regimen throughout college though I didn’t participate an any organized sports.

I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and entered the ‘real world’ at the age of 21.  Between graduating from college and today, my fitness and nutrition have been hit and miss. There have been some good stretches in there as well as some very poor stretches.  The poorest of those stretches got my weight up to about 260 lbs. Since that weight of 260 lbs, I managed to get my weight down to under 180 lbs (temporarily).

Two years after reaching that 180 lb weight, sitting around 200 lbs at 33 years old, I have decided my body is ready for an overhaul.  This is where my journey to a healthier and more fit body begins.