The Plant Paradox – Day 25

Day twenty-five of the Plant Paradox Plan is here, though I did have a day where I had cheated a bit.  I went to visit my parents to celebrate my dad’s birthday and I did not follow the plan.  We picked up some takeout from my favorite rib restaurant and I went overboard.  I ate well over the allotted 8 ounces of animal protein – this was in the form of ribs and chicken, sugar-laden bar-b-q sauce covered ribs and chicken.  I also had a decent sized helping of their cottage fries.  I then topped off that meal with a little bit of carrot cake and ice cream.  Not only did I overeat, I did it with not-so-healthy foods.  After that day, I immediately reverted back to the Plant Paradox Plan.  I waited several days before getting back on the scale to avoid the shock of any changes.

Over the years, occasions have come about that present the opportunity for the overindulgence of deliciousness.  Most of the time, I am able to win the battle, mainly due to knowing how I will feel afterwards.  My taste-buds clearly won the battle this time.

I have found that these slip-ups happen from time to time and as long as I am able to restrict them to a brief period, it is fairly easy to get back on track.  There are times when you will fall off track; at those time, you need to quickly readjust and get back on track.  The longer you are off track, the harder it is to get back on.  Years ago, I would schedule a day where I would ‘reward’ myself with some unhealthy treat like pizza or some kind of fast food.  These scheduled days were usually once per month or once every other month.  These days gave me a little something to look forward to food-wise and helped me stay on track.  I knew I would be getting my unhealthy treat in the future, so I needed to stick to my plan until then.

In Tim Ferriss’ The 4 Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat Loss, Incredible Sex and Becoming Superhuman, he talks about implementing a cheat-day once per week and explains the science behind minimizing the negative effects that the cheat-day could have.  It is worth a read, but I would not want to try a weekly cheat-day; I think that would be too easy to fall off track, but it may work for you.


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