The Plant Paradox – Phase 1 Complete

A few days ago, I successfully completed phase one of the 30-day Plant Paradox Plan, and now have entered phase two.  Phase one of this plan was rather restrictive, but fortunately it was only a seven-day adventure, so it was fairly easy to fight through.  Prior to starting this plan, I followed a keto style diet with almost daily intermittent fasting.  My prior regular diet mainly consisted of spinach, beef, eggs, pork rinds, cheese, store-bought salad dressings (that contain oils that are not permitted on the Plant Paradox Plan), 90% dark chocolate bars, and Love Good Fats Bars.  With exception to the spinach, my entire diet had to be changed for this plan.

During phase one of the Plant Paradox Plan, my diet included spinach broccoli, copious amounts of cauliflower (especially riced cauliflower), shrimp, avocados (in the form of guacamole), olive & avocado oils, and walnuts & pecans.  Over these seven days, my daily caloric intake has ranged anywhere from 705 to 1228 calories while remaining satiated.  It has been surprising to me how ‘full’ I feel while eating a mainly plant-based diet.  A savory staple that has been a part of my phase one effort has been a slightly modified version of Dr. Gundry’s Nut Mix 3.0 that he has included the recipe for in his book, The Plant Paradox Quick and Easy.  Additionally, I have been able to keep my macro-nutrients somewhat in-line with keto dieting without any additional effort.  Based on readings from my bioimpedance scale, the seven-day phase one of the Plant Paradox Plan has helped me drop 3 pounds and 1% body fat.  Before I began this plan, I have never really had any issues with falling to sleep at night.  During phase one, most nights, I have had a hard time falling to sleep and have been waking up multiple times throughout the night.  The sleep issue has since improved, and I’m hoping this trend will continue.

Now, on to the not so pleasant reading… stool.  I have never really had any issues with regularity when it comes to using the restroom.  Before starting this plan, my protein intake was higher and I consumed cheese on an almost daily basis.  Since starting the plan, the consistency of my stool has changed and I have become even more ‘regular’.  As far as the consistency goes, everything has become much less firm than before.  I attribute this change to the large increase in fiber I’m eating via the vegetables and the elimination of cheese in my diet.

I am now a couple of days into phase two of the Plant Paradox Plan which will last for 14 days.  Since beginning this second phase, so far, I have re-introduced small amounts of beef and eggs to my diet and it has been quite enjoyable.  As I make my way through phase two, I will provide updates.

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