Weight Loss – From 260 lbs to 180 lbs

About two years ago I managed hit the 190 lb mark in my weight loss journey from around 260 lbs using strictly the ketogenic diet.  That is the point my weight plateaued, so I decided to introduce exercise into my routine rather than just dieting alone. Cycling was my poison of choice.

I purchased my road bike at the end of April after riding my mountain bike on the roads for two weeks and wanting a faster and smoother road ride.  Only a couple days after beginning on my road bike, I challenged myself to a 100k bike ride by the end of May. I shared my goal with two coworkers, one of which is a cyclist to competes regularly.  Both of my coworkers didn’t seem to have any faith in me. That gave me the motivation to show them what I could do. I began riding between ten and twenty miles three to four times every week to build my endurance.

Saturday May 27th was the day that I had chosen to complete the 100k ride.  According to Strava, I completed 65.14 miles (>104k) in four hours and thirteen minutes.  This was not easy for me by any means, especially the last fifteen miles or so, but I did it.

I continued cycling for the remainder of the warmer months (through October).  I relaxed my ketogenic diet greatly and had little to no exercise until it warmed up again.  Once May rolled around again, I was back on my road bike. I never really set myself on a strict cycling and dieting schedule, so it all ended up going out the window.

Fast-forward to now, May’s warmer weather is again right around the corner and I need to make some changes for myself.  I am going to use this site as a tool to track my progress and try to reach new levels in fitness and health.

Currently, my measurements are as follows:
Weight – 196 Pounds
Bodyfat – 22.3% (bodyfat measured with a bio-impedance scale)
Right Bicep – 12.25″
Left Bicep – 12.125″
Waist – 41″
Hips – 37″
Right Thigh – 24″
Left Thigh – 23.75″

As we all can see, I have a great deal of work to do.  I will be starting a strict keto diet and begin exercising.  I am aiming to initially drop weight through my excess bodyfat and get my bodyfat around 10-12%, then I’ll go from there.  In addition to losing bodyfat, I want to tone up and eventually bulk up a bit while gaining strength.

Dieting should not be an issue for me to follow through with, as I’ve done it before and managed to keep myself on track without any problems.  Currently, for work, I leave home no later than 4:30AM and return around 7:30PM Monday through Friday and the occasional Saturday. Due to the long hours away from home for work, incorporating exercising into my schedule could be a difficult task to keep myself motivated for.  I plan to follow up on my progress with weekly posts.


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