The Plant Paradox – The Beginning

Today is my fourth day following The Plant Paradox Program 30-Day Plan, but I have yet to eat today – I am still in my intermittent fasting window.  Before I started this plan, I started out with a 60 hour fast where I only consumed water, black coffee, and some LMNT Electrolyte Powder.  On day one of the Plant Paradox Program, I broke my 60 hour fast at 7pm with some riced cauliflower and shrimp.  Later I ate some steamed broccoli with avocado oil and later yet, a handful of raw walnuts.  My total caloric intake for day one was about 858 calories (according to MyFitnessPal).

The morning of day two I weighed myself on my bioimpedance scale. I weighed in at 177.2 pounds at 18.3% body fat. The second day on this program was very similar to the first, the only difference was that I had steamed cauliflower instead of the broccoli and it was without the avocado oil; I forgot to add the oil until after I ate the cauliflower.  Day two totaled up to 705 calories for the day.

Day three of the PPP led me to eating a whopping 1035 calories.  These calories consisted of shrimp sauteed with cauliflower and broccoli florets topped with avocado oil; I later had my trusty handful of walnuts and some steamed broccoli.

In Steven Gundry’s book, The Plant Paradox, he talks about out acid-reducing medications and how they can have a huge impact on your gut health.  Day three of the PPP, I did not take my Prilosec OTC medication like I do daily.  Today, I also did not take the Prilosec.  Neither yesterday, nor today, have I experienced any discomfort due to acid.  This probably has quite a bit to do with limiting what I am putting into my stomach.

Phase 1 of the PPP is very restricting and can be a little bit irritating, especially if you don’t plan ahead (I didn’t).  All of my store-bought salad dressings are off limits on this plan and I didn’t have all of the ingredients to make an approved dressing.  Phase 1 allows leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, wild-caught seafood, pastured poultry, an assortment of oils, some nuts, and a few other items such as spices, fresh herbs, and mustard.  Only four days into the PPP and I really miss beef and eggs.  Today, I picked up some items from the approved phase 1 list to replenish my stock of food.  In addition, I picked up some olive oil and red wine vinegar to use as salad dressing; I also picked up some walnut oil and fresh herbs to make a delicious sounding nut mix that Gundry provides a recipe for in his book.

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