My Weight Loss Journey

At one point in time I was about 260 pounds and that was when I decided I needed to make some major life changes.  At that time, I cut out alcohol and began following a ketogenic style diet.  During the following 6 months or so, I managed to drop my body weight to around 190 pounds.  A couple of months into my weight loss journey, I started to incorporate intermittent fasting.  With the intermittent fasting I began by skipping breakfast (16-8 fasting) and later evolved to only eating in the evenings (20-4 fasting).

From that point, I hit a plateau and I haven’t been able to get much more weight off.  I weight currently floats between 180 and 185 pounds for the most part.  My weight has been pretty stagnant for the past couple of years and have been unable to lower than 180 pounds for long.  I have tried strict ketogenic dieting with intermittent fasting along with some extended fasting.  In addition to not being able to lose anymore weight, I have not been able to get rid of a bit of fat in my midsection, no matter how hard I have tried.

Since nothing else has worked for my midsection fat, I’m thinking that The Plant Paradox Program could the magic bullet that will solve this issue.  This is no longer a weight loss journey; I am content with the weight I am at.  I just would like to rid the extra fat that I am carrying around while focusing on health and longevity.

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